Thursday, August 21, 2014

Notes from the Joyce Meyer conference - evening of 2014-08-20 - part 3 of 5

13) When you wake up in the morning, before you even get your feet out of the bed, say "He is here", and feel God's presence.

14) There is nothing in your life that He is not delighted to fix.

15) Hebrews 1:3: "(...)He upholds the universe by the word of his power." 
He keeps the sun rising and shining every day, He keeps the sun from not shining too much so as to give us a terrible sunburn. He keeps gravity, electricity working.
It was so awesome to hear that because that has always been my definition of God (and one of the reasons why I see no conflict between religion and science - that's topic for another post). I still have it in my Facebook: Nature is my God. - also subject for another post.

16) [For 6 years, every month, Joyce needed a miracle of $40 to pay her bills. And it always happened.]

17) Story about 3 men in a furnace. Then the person who had trapped them in the furnace turned it up 7x higher. How many of you feel like you are in a furnace and instead of getting better it just got 7 times hotter? The men got freed from the bondage (the chains that were holding them prisoners) inside the furnace (it melted the chains away). Lesson: your furnace will eventually melt the chains and make you free.

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