Thursday, August 21, 2014

Notes from the Joyce Meyer conference - evening of 2014-08-20 - part 2 of 5

8) Give God credit for what He does.

9) God has got you where you are (school, neighbourhood, workplace, etc) for a reason. You are needed there.

10) Every time someone speaks your name, they are calling you what your name means. 
For example, if your name is Victoria, when someone calls you, they are saying you are victorious.

11) Pray to know God more and more each day.
Pray to experience him, to recognise when He is working in your life - even in the little moments when He just lets you know He is there. For example, when little coincidences happen in your life.
[Joyce was thinking about what to teach in this conference, while moving some papers, and one of them fell from the shelf and when she picked it up she noticed it talked about anxiety. So she knew that God was telling her that that was the topic.]
I have those moments all the time. Sometimes it happens to tell me that I shouldn't do something. In those cases, I even talk to God. I tell him "ok, I got Your message, I won't do that."

12) Put your trust in God, not in other people or yourself. 
I can't put my trust in me because sometimes even I can't believe what I do.
Sometimes I screw up. Sometimes I think "how could I do that?", "what was I thinking?"

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