Thursday, August 21, 2014

Notes from the Joyce Meyer conference - evening of 2014-08-20 - part 1 of 5

What a blessed day! I feel so grateful and joyful to have attended Joyce Meyer's conference this evening!

Here are my "raw" notes. The items in italic are my own comments.

The show opened with a story about a Brazilian girl (how appropriate - thanks, God). She talked about her struggles and many of them were also mine (thanks again, O, Wise One!). And the way she talked about her feelings and expressed them was very similar to the way I see and express mine (Oh, Mighty One, thank you again!)

1) Be faithful in the little things, and some day you will be made king over much.
If you have a bicycle and you wish you could afford a car, take good care of your bicycle.
Don't curse it or complain about it.
How can God give you a car if you can't even take care of a bicycle?

2) Don't look to people to provide for you [financially], look for God.

3) (about your purpose in life) When you are not doing anything [while you haven't yet fulfilled/found His purpose for you], God is doing something in you.

4) (about moving) If you are where you don't want to be, don't leave until God releases you. 
This goes straight to all my fellow TCKs around the world, who think moving will fix their sense of belonging. 
I always knew that. I always felt like there was something I needed to resolve before I moved out of Brazil. And it happened just as I felt: the moment I had found a sense of belonging there, and felt like I could be 100% happy there, I got my visa to come to Canada.

5) Whatever your dreams are, God will give you something little to hold on to first.

6) [The footage from today will air on TV in 4 months.]

7) Plan B stands for better.

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