Friday, June 5, 2015

Feel Excited!

I heard this tip from Joyce Meyer a few weeks ago: you should wake up every day feeling excited and thankful for what God will do to you and through you today. 
(see this video on 16:12 for the complete teaching)

For the last few weeks I have tried to do that.
I never felt super excited, I felt more like happy. But I always tried to do the exercise. And every day, a small but nice thing would happen to me.
Yesterday, I was thinking about how ugly the outside was (while in the subway) when we passed through a patch of grass full of flowers. It was as if God had listened to me and said "look, it's not that ugly". I felt like He had put those flowers there just for me.

Then today, I woke up feeling super excited. I feel/know that something amazing will happen in my life. It's something big that will make me very happy and will change my life forever.
The level of excitement that I feel right now is much bigger than what I've felt throughout these past weeks of doing the exercise.

I believe a big part of what I feel today is because I have been training my "emotional muscle" for weeks to feel excited every day. It's the famous American saying "fake it till you make it". I've noticed many times that the saying works.

I am so excited that I have no doubts that this amazing change will happen in my life. That is how powerful my faith has become (probably because of me doing the exercise every day for weeks).

My suggestion for you? Follow Joyce's advice and do the exercise daily.

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